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  • О питомнике Amberland

    Добро пожаловать в наш профессиональный питомник Amberland!

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    Породы собак, которыми занимается наш питомник: кане корсо итальяно и аргентинский дог.

    Наш питомник находится в красивом, зелёном, латвийском городе Лиепая. Город расположен на берегу Балтийского моря в 200 км от столицы Латвии, Риги. С нашим месторасположением и напрямую с морем связано название питомника AMBERLAND (Янтарная страна).


    Владелица питомника Мария Демченко - кинолог, инструктор по обучению собак, с большим опытом работы.





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    Новости нашего питомника
  • New photos of Litter A

    *New Photos of our white miracles!*
    5 weeks old
    More photos You can find on their litter page "Litter A"

    One puppy is AVAILABLE to best home

  • Litter A Dogo Argentino

    Puppies born 08.05.2020

    We are very happy and proud to announce
    that our first litter of Dogo Argentino was born!!!!

    Amazing litter and parents, fully Argentina bloodlines!

    Father: Tarugo Del Pulmahue

    Mother: Yerba Del Pulmahue

    One puppy is AVAILABLE
    Feel free to contact

  • New breed in kennel

    Im so happy and proud to presend our new dog, new breed and new hope!!!
    We was dreaming long time about it. And finally dream come true!

    Let present to you our new family member
    Yerba Del Pulmahue

    Directly from Argentina

    Many thanks to my new friend and breeder Cristian Galetto!!!
    For all help and everything!!!

  • Litter R

    Puppies born 24.01.2020
    From very beautiful parents, Interesting pedigree

    Father: Rothorm Jy Dream My Whole New World

    Mother: Amberland Barselona


  • Raduno Del'Anno 2019

    Oh my god!!! What an emotions!!!
    Iam thousands times thankfull to Amberland Marija for all! For this opportunity yo work with this amazing dogs, to be part of family and best friends!!!
    So here will be our team results!!!

    *Amberland Missiya - Puppy class - 4th place

    *Prima Vittoria Alda - Exellent in Open class

    *Amberland Carnera Primo - Working Class - 1st place

    *Wind Of Glory DVDL - Veteran Class - 3rd place

    *Amberland Perfect No More No Less - Champion class - exellent TOP 5

    *Amberland A'Kira - Veteran class - 3rd place

    *AMBERLAND kennel BEST KENNEL at Raduno del'Anno 2019

    *Carnera Primo & Perfect No More No Less - BEST COUPLE at Raduno del'Anno 2019!!!

    World Championship of Cane Corso
    Paolo Domiani - all juniors
    Roberto Tavola - Males except Juniors
    Alberto Vergara - Females except Juniors

    *Amberland Missiya - 1st in Puppy class, BOB Puppy

    *Amberland Jadore Le Premier - Junior Class - Exellent TOP 10

    *Prima Vettoria Alda - Open Class - Exellent TOP 6

    *Amberland Perfect No More No Less - Champion class - exellent TOP5

    *Amberland Carnera Primo - 1st in Working class

    *Wind Of Glory DVDL - 4th in Veteran class

    *Amberland A'Kira - 1st in Veteran class, BOO Veteran

    *AMBERLAND kennel - 2nd place

    *Carnera Primo & Perfect No More No Less - BEST COUPLE

    Words cant describe how happy im!!! Many thanks to all judges for so good words about our dogs!
    Many thanks to people outside the ring, for coments about our dogs!

    Now is long road back home!
    See you all next year at Raduno del Anno!!!

  • Eurasia 2019

     Eurasia 2019 our young hopes showed super results! Under judge: Vincenzo Parmiciano

    Amberland Ledi Montserat - BOO Puppy
    Amberland Yundzin - BOB Puppy

  • Помет M

    Puppies born 19.12.2018
    From very beautiful parents, Interesting pedigree

    Father: Gus Della Valle Dei Lord

    Mother: Kleopatra For Amberland

    All puppies SOLD
    Feel free to contact!

  • Raduno Dell'Anno 2018

    We returned home from Italy, where every year is held main for our breed dog show "Raduno dell'Anno" and this year also the First World Championships. Thanks to the organizers for the excellent organization, big rings, and roofs over them and wonderful prizes. 
    Super hotel Fattoria La Principina is very cozy and benevolent. We spent the days in pleasant communication with friends, did excellent work and had a rest, were surrounded by warmth and care of Barbara. 
    I was always amazed how much charm and energy in this pretty woman, who does so much for the breed and who managed to surround by care all participants.
    Thanks Anastasija for the fact that you are always with me, for supporting my not always adequate ideas, for loving my dogs.
    Aleksandrs, I'm glad that we are on the team, thanks for being able to capture the best and special moments, after looking at then, it’s possible to break mountains.
    You are the best!
    Thanks to the experts for these emotions, and the main result of another champion Of Italy, I am really proud that in my kennel second Italian champion, my own breeding. 
    This year was especially pleased when 1st place was accompanied by the national hymn. 
    Thanks for the emotions, such victories give the desire and strength to move on. I congratulate all the winners, only we all know how much work it costs to bring and keep in excellent condition and good mood dogs and work in hot day.
    With big impatience will wait for news in which country will be next Mondial Cane Corso

  • Помет J2

    Puppies born 15.07.2018
    From very beautiful parents, Interesting pedigree

    Father: Wind Of Glory Della Valle Dei Lord

    Mother: Dono Sorte Nevada For Amberland

    All puppies sold!
    Feel free to contact