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Raduno dell'anno 2022


Our shows started from ROMA IDS

Judge: Angel Garach Domech

Amberland Vitoria Born To Be A Star - CAC, CACIB, BOB
Amberland Ultra Vivo Estrella - CAC, R.CACIB

Amberlane Femida - Very promessing female baby
Amberland Zakynthos Peniamin - 2nd place in strong junior male class
Amberland Tezei - 3rd place in champion male class
Amberland Ultra Vivo Estrela - excellent in intermedia females
Amberland Vitoria Born to be a star - 1st in working class, CAC and 1st in Champion Sociale class, SACC champion
Many thank to all latvian team Elena ex-Shashkina, Tina Politika-Vodolagina and friends who arrived with me!!!
Many thanks to our beautifull and professional handlers Samanta Tīla and Maria Samsonova!!!
Thanks for everything our Italian family Miryam and Antonio!!! It was big pleasure to see you again!
It was very nice trip with full of emotions and great moments